Today, we would like to welcome Christophe “SIXER” Xia to the starting roster of EnVy CSGO. During his time as a stand in for our team, SIXER has shown a great amount of skill and presence on the map. His confidence and energy have seemed to revitalize the team in many ways. We are happy to give him this opportunity to work full time with the roster.

SIXER made a name for himself during the CS 1.6 era and has continued to foster his career as a member of French powerhouse organization, Millenium eSports. His history as a professional CS player is rich and we will do our best to allow him to continue writing his story with our team.

Regarding Timothée “DEVIL” Démolon:

The entire organization was happy to accept DEVIL onto the team 7 months ago. Through all of the adversity and criticism he faced, Timothée continued to work hard and perform his duties as expected on the team. This was a very difficult thing for him to do quietly, but Timothée did it. We have nothing poor to say about him. He has been an extremely hard worker, a passionate player and showed an enormous amount of improvement during his time with our team. The decision to change the roster has much less to do with his individual ability than it does with team dynamic. We are confident DEVIL will go on to continued success in his career beginning with Millenium eSports.

The team with SIXER in the starting lineup will debut now in an ESL Pro League matchup vs Fnatic, live now on Twitch.