This past weekend kicked off the new season of the Gfinity Elite Series. In this season we debuted our FIFA players and our newest members of the Rocket League squad.

FIFA 2018

We debuted Aero and Eisvogel against exeL in the FIFA category on Friday. For the first match up, Aero faced off against exceL’s Painter. Though the two were aggressive in the first half of the game, Aero read Painter well, gaining a 2 – 1 lead. Painter came back to tie 2 – 2 in the second half, but Aero quickly took the lead once more. Aero was able to hold onto his lead with two successful saves against Painter’s fast plays, and took game one with a 3 – 2 score. For the next game, we brought Eisvogel to face off exceL’s Kev96. Eisvogel started off slow, falling behind in the first half 0 – 1, but this didn’t stop him. In the seond half, he swung momentum to not only tie the match, but win it 2 – 1. With Eisvogel’s win, we took the series 2 – 0 agaisnt exceL.

Rocket League

For the Rocket League event, we had a dream team of EyeIgnite, Mout and Neqzo facing off Hashtag United. Although the first game fell to Hashtag United, we weren’t shaken. As we played against Hashtag United in the next two games, we were able to read their strategy in order to dominate the field. We took the lead in the series with 2 games over their 1. Hashtag United flipped the momentum though, winning game 3 to take us to a game five. In the final match, Hashtag United scored the opening goal, but we were able to tie. EyeIgnite pressured the opposing goal, but missed a shot. As Hashtag United shot onto the Envy goal, EyeIgnite cleared the ball into Hashtag’s open net. This boosted us into the lead once again, where we stayed until the final second. With three dominate showings, we took the series over Hashtag United 3 – 2.

Street Fighter V

We took on Team Vitality in our first SFV match. Nassim-Claw was up first, bringing his famous Vega against Linkexelo’s Necalli. Unfortunately, the Claw wasn’t quite sharp enough, and Nassim fell 0 – 2 against Linkexelo. In the next match up, Layo faced former teammate TKR. Though TKR held a life lead and stunned Layo in the first round, he dropped his conversions. This led Layo to win the first round and dominate the second inorder to tie the series 1 – 1. Mr Crimson played his Dhalsim against JuniorLeo’s Ken in the third match. JuniorLeo won the first round by keeping the distance close on Mr Crimson. In the next two rounds, Mr Crimson was able to maintain ranged attacks and punish JurniorLeo’s jump-ins, winning his game 2 – 1. In game 4, Nassim-Claw was able to rematch Linkexelo, but this time, Nassim brought out Kolin. Nassim-Claw turned the tables on Linkexelo, taking the game 2 – 0 against the Necalli player. Layo was up in the final match, facing JuniorLeo’s Ken. This match up was no contest, and Layo finished with a 2 – 0 win. Despite the first loss in the beginning, we were able to pull it back and dominate the series 4 – 1.

Next week, we take on Team Vitality in FIFA, Nordavind in Rocket League and Hashtag United in Street Fighter V. Don’t miss out on the action! Games start Friday, March 16th, at 2:30pm BST / 7:30pm EST. The games this season are on the Facebook pages for each of the events.