We continue to excel in the Gfinity Elite Series this past week. The competition is beginning to heat up, and our boys are knocking them down one by one.

FIFA ’18

This week, we brought back Aero in our match up against Vitality’s Ty. Though Aero held possession of the ball for most of the match, he was unable to land any shots he took on Ty. This put us back 1 – o in the series, going into our rookie player’s, Jas’, match. He faced Moozln in the next game. Within the first 5 minutes of the game, Jas was able to score the first goal. Into the half, Jas was up 2 – 0 against Moozln, but the Vitality player answered back to pull the game back to a tying score of 3 – 3. As the timer began to tick to the last few minutes, Jas lands a 4th goal, to finish the game off at 4 – 3. With this win, we were able to tie the series 1 – 1 for a draw against Vitality.

Rocket League

We added Waffle to our lineup this past week to face off Nordavind. Game 1 was a shaky start for us, and Nordavind’s fast plays and heavy hits took us off guard. We were able to pull back and defend against them though, and we only fell 1 – 0. In game 2, we began to adapt to the opposing team’s play style. Mout dominated the shot feed for us, scoring all four of our goals for the 4 – 2 win. With the series tied and our boys adapted more to Nordavind’s plays, we carried the momentum into game 3. This game was about mind games as we boost starved the Nordavind defenders, who were then unable to hold against our tough passing plays. Game 3 was ours for the taking at 2 – 0. The mind games continued into game 4, as we passed back and forth to one another, confusing the Nordavind squad as to what side the ball was going to be shot on goal. Though we held a 4 – 0 lead, Nordavind was able to gain some goals, ending the final game 4 – 2 and winning the series 3 – 1.

Street Fighter V

After our week one win against Vitality, we were full of confidence in our match up with Hashtag United. Mr Crimson was up first with a dominating 2 – 0  win against DarkMoonHado’s Cammy. Game 2 was a Laura mirror as Layo faced off GinoDacampo. Gino took the first round convincingly, but Layo was able to bring back the next two and win game 2 – 1. Nassim-Claw took on MQS’s F.A.N.G. with his famous Vega. Nassim dominated the set with his quick slides and jump-ins, securing a 2  – 0 win. For the fourth game, we kept Nassim-Claw to play against GinoDacampo. This time, he brought out Kolin to face Gino’s Laura. After his strong finish over MSQ, Nassim was very confident in his first round against Gino, winning with a V-trigger slide in to finish the round. Gino adapted in the second round though, tying the score. Nassim brought back his round one pressure and bullied Gino into the corner to get a stun. But Nassim wasn’t ready to end the game, and in Nassim fashion, allowed Gino to reset before ending the round. With Nassim’s 2 – 1 win over GinoDacampo, we took the series 4 – 0 over Hashtag United.

Be sure to tune in this Friday and Saturday for week 3 of the Gfinity Elite Series. All matches can be found on the Gifnity Facebook pages for each event. Games start at 2:30 pm EST / 11:30 am PST on Friday with FIFA 18. With how explosive plays have been this season, you don’t want to miss a single event!