In week three of the Gfinity Elite Series, we were given a break in the FIFA ’18  event. Our winning streak was also halted this past week in the Rocket League and Street Fighter V events on Saturday.

Rocket League

We took on Vitality for the Rocket League event. Though Vitality opened with the first goal, EyeIgnite was quick to answer back and show off why we were undefeated in our match ups. Within the last 30 seconds, we were up 2 – 1 in the first game, and Mout denied Vitality’s chances at a tie by scoring a third goal. Game two was a similar story with Vitality starting with ball possession. This time, EyeIgnite started with the opening goal. We defending well against Vitality’s shots. We finished game two with a 1 – 0 scoreline, expanding our series lead. Vitality seemed to adapt to our playstyle in the third game and fourth games, tying the series up and taking us into a fifth game. They overcame us once more in the final game, and we fell 2 – 4. Despite our first loss, we gained a losing bonus point which keeps us in the lead in the standings.

Street Fighter V

Nordavind were our opponents in this week of SFV. For this week, we let Layo rest and we added one of our newest members, JonesArcade, to the lineup. We gained early ground with wins over Nordavind’s Momi and SaltyKid. Nassim-Claw faced off Phenom’s Necalli with his famous Vega, but unfortunately feel in the first match and rematch. Despite these losses, we landed the series point first with Mr Crimson’s dominate Laura match up against SaltyKid. Despite leading the series 3 – 2 and being confident in JonesArcade’s talented Ken plays, Nordavind took us into a final game. Mr Crimson was up for the third time in the series, facing Phenom, who had defeated Nassim-Claw twice over. Phenom was able to gain his V-trigger quickly in the first round by spamming a ground stomp, denying Mr Crimson’s Dhalsim movement. In the final round, Mr Crimson tried to jump in, but Phenom was able to dominate the match up, reading Mr Crimson’s moves well. Though we lost the series 4 – 3 against Nordavind, we still hold first place in standings in our group.

We may have lost the games this week, but we are a long way from being out of the running. In week four, we look to make a comeback and show that we can be the champions. Be sure to tune in this weekend to the Gfinity Elite Series Facebook streams starting 1pm EST / 10 am PST on Friday with the FIFA ’18 event.