It’s hard to believe we are four weeks into the Elite Series. Each week, we prove to be top of each event and group. We shook off the losses from week 3 as we faced Nordavind and exceL in FIFA ’18 and Street Fighter V respectively. Week 4 was our bye week for the Rocket League event.

FIFA ’18

We took to the stage after a bye week, playing against Nordavind. Aero was up first in the match up, facing Chnewar. Aero was able to lead the game quickly with the first goal, and it seemed that lead would last forever. Moments before the first half ended, Chnewar equalized the score with a fake around Aero’s defenses. Aero and Chnewar were caught in a stand-off, not allowing an inch to the other, resulting in a tied 1 – 1 finish. EisVogel was up next in the event, facing Nordavind’s Damie. The story seemed to play over, but with Nordavind in a 2 – 1 lead. EisVogel was able to pull an equalizer in the last seconds of the first half. Damie held ball possession to start the second half, but missed his shots onto our goal. Despite the similar team compositions and formations, Damie was able to scramble EisVogel’s defenses to gain a lead once again. EisVogel wasn’t deterred, and with 15 minutes left in the second half, he tied the score once again. Ultimately, the two could not maintain any sort of upper ground, and the gamed finished 3 – 3. With a series score of 0 – 0, neither of us gained an extra point which kept us both at the top of our at 5 points.

Street Fighter V

This week was a classic match up against exceL. We brought back the ever reliable and energetic Layo for this battle. He faced up Hurricane’s Cammy, falling 0 – 2 in the first game. Nassim-Claw started off slow as well, falling behind in his match against Isam18’s M. Bison. He held his composure, bringing back his fire in the next two rounds and winning his game 2 – 1. Mr Crimson kept with his classic Dhalsim for infexious’ Ken. Dhalsim is favored in this match up, with his zoning tools and long reach, and this match up was no different. Mr Crimson helped us secure the lead with a daminating 2 – 0 win. In game 4, infexious brought his Ken once again to face Nassim-Claw’s Vega. Once again we dominated the match, securing a two game (3 – 1) lead in the series. ExceL threatened a comeback with Hurricane’s win over Mr Crimson, but Layo was more than confident in his ability. Layo fell in the first round against Iasm18, but began to use Laura’s projectiles as a zoning tool, forcing Bison to back off into the corner and creating the pressure he needed. There was no patience in the third round as both players became comfortable with the other’s style of play. Isam18 was able to to gain the life lead, but Layo’s V-Trigger activation helped equalize the hit points. Once again, Layo zoned Isam18 into the corner. This time, the corner pressure was reversed, but Layo kept calm, countering Isam18 when the Bison player activated his V-Trigger. With this final counter hit, Layo finished off exceL to win the series 4 – 2. This major win advanced us into the semi-finals for the third time in a row.

The final week is upon us, and there’s no doubt it will be explosive. Be sure to check out the Gfinity Elite Series Facebook pages for each event. Matches start 1pm EST Friday.