This was the final week of regular play in this season of the Gfinity Elite Series. The spots for quarter-finals and semi-finals were on the line, with several teams vying for top seed. If you missed out on our explosive week, we’ll catch you up below

FIFA ’18

Hashtag United were our opponents for this week, and we both were looking to sweep the series to seal a play off spot. The first match up was Aero versus Hashtag Harry, and the match started off a little shaky with ball possession. The first half sat at a 0 – 0 score, but Aero quickly secured the lead. Harry switched up his player formations and managed to equalize. The equalizer and change of formation didn’t shake Aero as he secured yet another goal by squeezing through Harry’s defensive line. Once again, Harry changed his formation up to his original start, but was unable to tie the score, giving Aero the first match. EisVogel was up next in the series, starting his game off with a quick goal. He kept this 1 – 0 lead into the second half as well as kept control of the field. EisVogel gained another goal, but Hashtag’s Boras was able to close the gap a little with their first goal. Unfortunately, EisVogel wasn’t ready to give up his two goal lead, finishing Hashtag off with a 3 – 1 win. We secured the Group A win with our 2 – 0 sweep over Hashtag and top seed for the playoffs with 8 points.

Rocket League

We started the Rocket League event off Saturday with our series against exceL. Both of us were tied for 2nd place in Group A with 7 pts, looking for a series sweep to dominate the standings. In the first game, we engineered passing plays that left exceL confused and their goal open. Mout managed two back to back goals for the lead after 3 minutes, and EyeIgnite got the third for a substantial 3 – 0 lead at 30 seconds. With the buzzer about to ring, Mout managed a hat trick in the game, and we finished 4 – 0 in game one. Game two was nearly as dominating with a 2 – 1 victory. EyeIgnite and Mout proved their powerful playstyles in the first two games, but Waffle stepped in to show himself off in game 3. He gained himself a hat trick for a lead at 3 – 1. Although exceL tried to fight us back, EyeIgnite dunked our second buzzer goal to finish the game 4 – 1. With this 3 – 0 series sweep, we gained 3 points to shoot us into first place in Group A.

Despite the bye week for the SFV event, we sit atop Group A in all events! Next week is the beginning of the playoffs, and you don’t want to miss it! Tune in Friday at 1pm EST / 10am PST on the Gfinity Facebook pages as we looked to take home the gold in every event!