After the 2017 second place finish, we looked to bring home the trophy from the Seattle stage. Although we dominated the group stage, we fell just short of the grand finals on championship Sunday.

Day 1

Friday afternoon, we started off the group stages with a series against Vexed gaming. We impressed in the first game with a 100 – 8 win in Strongholds, and we dominated on the next game type. Slayer. Vexed hardly had any breathing room in the best-of-5 and we ended the Capture the Flag (CTF) game with a domineering 3 – 0 against Vexed. Next up was Elevate from our group, and they looked to give us less of a chance at sweeping them, giving us a close 3 – 2 victory in CTF. The next game was ours for the taking as we controlled the power weapons and map in our Slayer match. Elevate were not ready to give up just yet, fighting back for a win on Stronghold. We ultimately won the series 3 – 1 though, knocking them into the elimination bracket.

Day 2

On the second day, we finished our group stage matches with our series against Team Immunity. We started the Bo5 with a dominating win on CTF and a strong showing on Slayer as well. The series was over rather quickly after our 100 – 28 win on Strongholds. This last win pushed us into the Winners Bracket where we faced Renegades in the first match. We started strong in the series, taking the first two games 100 – 20 on Strongholds and 50 – 40 on Slayer. Renegades fought back in the next matches, and began to lead 3 – 2 in the series. Our fire and determination wasn’t gone in us, and we brought them to a seventh game in the best-o-7. We advanced in the winners bracket with a 4 – 3 win over Renegades.

Our next math in the winners bracket was against Splyce. The series started with Splyce taking the first CTF over us, but we tied the series in the Slayer match. We took the lead after our Strongholds match thanks to good map control and awareness from bubu dubu and Pistola. Splyce soon took the lead away from us, taking us down in CTF and Slayer with their aggressive plays. They seemed unstoppable in the last Stonghold game of the series, where they won 100 – 21 to take the series from us 4 – 2 and pushed us into the lower, elimination bracket.

Day 3

Our first match on Championship Sunday was a rematch against Elevate. We started hot with a 3 – 0 win on CTF. The series maintained in our favor as we won the Slayer and Stronghold games 50 – 41 and 100 – 58 respectively. We swept Elevate in the end, taking the series 4 – 0 to advance. Next up was Reciprocity, which held two of Pistola’s former players. The series started with back and forth games, but we snagged the lead 3 – 2 in the series. Reciprocity forced a game seven, but we ultimately won he series 4 – 3. This win put us into the elimination finals, one step closer to the finals.

In the Losers Finals, we faced TOX Gaming. This match up started off slow for us with TOX picking up the first win on Strogholds. We answered back with a Slayer win of 50 – 45. Momentum was in our favor going into CTF, but TOX started over us with a 2 point lead. We clawed our way back in the final 5 minutes and reversed swept CTF with a 3 – 2 win. Much like the series against Reciprocity, the wins were back and forth and soon a game seven was upon us, but TOX seemed to be hitting harder and harder with each game. The final game was CTF, and TOX started strong once again, pulling a 2 point lead early on. Although we managed to clutch in the CTF before this, we were unable to gain the momentum to pressure TOX, and they sealed the game with a 3 – 0 victory.

Though we gave it our best effort, we fell to Reciprocity 3 – 4 in the Losers Finals, taking home third in the Halo World Championship Series.