This weekend at the Vegas Esports Arena, Team Envy took on the world’s best in Paladins in order to bring home the gold. We fought though the group stages to make it into the winners bracket, but Fnatic put a stop to our run. Although they placed us into the losers bracket on Saturday, we played fiercely through the competition, not stopping until we hit grand finals.

The classic Cinderella story unfolded on Sunday, where we took on Na’Vi and G2 in the losers brackets, winning both series with 2 – 0 and 3 – 0 sweeps respectively. The real show was Sunday night, where we faced up against Fnatic, who sent us into losers. Fnatic started with a 1 game lead in the Best-of-7 series with their win in the winners bracket finals. This put us at a disadvantage, but we were determined to take the trophy home. Our first game against Fnatic fell into their favor. In game 3, our luck and strategies paid off and we took Frog Isle with a 4 – 1 win. Momentum on our side, we were able to win the next match 4 – 3, but Fnatic fought for the game 5 win. The next game was much like the last two with back and forth scores, but we were fierce in our attacks and shut out Fnatic on the final objective captured to tie the series and take Fnatic to a seventh game.

In the final game, we took the lead in the first objective, taking first blood as well over Fnatic. Although they even us out, we captured the first point and pushed the payload for a quick 2 – 0 lead. Fnatic was able to use the comeback mechanic in their favor since they were down 2 points in the match, bringing them extra ticks on the objective as they held it. They took the point, but we stalled them in the payload until they baited us from the point with their ultimates. With the match tied, we looked to end the match with the same strategy as the first round. Fnatic lead with 75%, but we fought for control, soon winning the objective thanks to a double kill from RuBBu. Continuing with the momentum, we pushed through Fnatic’s stalling plays. Fnatic seemed to be flustered despite them contesting the payload. In the final push, we used as many of our ultimates as we could, sending Fnatic  off the point for the 4 – 2 victory.

After the tournament on Sunday, we caught up with Tulky, one of our frontline players on the win in Vegas. “The feeling of winning was surreal. It didn’t register for me for a while that we won the LAN. …when we completed the Cinderella story of the losers bracket run to winning the whole thing, it filled me with joy,” he explained.

We also asked him his thoughts on facing Fnatic after falling to them earlier in the tournament. “…We weren’t scared to face against Fnatic. Of course they beat us earlier in the tournament, but they felt very beatable. We just had to figure out what we wanted in the draft and play our own game. It was a very sweet feeling of revenge in the finals.”