KingRichard and aimbotCalvin teamed up again for Keemstar’s June 15th Friday Fortnite as KingRichard continued his quest for a victory royale.

Round 1, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs NickEh30/ONE_shot_Gurl

KingRichard and aimbotCalvin landed Anarchy Acres taking down a squad as they rotated to Tomato Town and picked up 2 more kills outside Dusty divot putting them at 6 kills. After rotating to Risky Reels the duo picked up another 3 ending the game 9 to 9.


Round 1, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs NickEh30/ONE_shot_Gurl

Game 2 started at Tilted Towers as both teams looked to break ahead. KingRichard and Calvin managed to pick up 22 kills to NickEh30 and ONE_shot_Gurl’s 12 kills, picking up the victory and moving to winner’s bracket round 2.


Round 2, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs GhostNinja/Big Foltz

KingRichard and aimbotCalvin started Retail Row and quickly rotated to Dusty Divot putting them at 9 kills. After KingRichard and Calvin picked up another 3 kills outside of Loot Lake, Big Foltz was downed quickly followed by GhostNinja. KingRichard and Calvin picked up another 12 kills, putting them up 24 kills to 3.


Round 2, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs GhostNinja/Big Foltz

Game 2 started at Tilted with both teams going down early. KingRichard and Calvin advance to winner’s bracket round 3.


Round 3, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Avxry/OPscT

KingRichard and Calvin landed Shifty Shafts grabbed 2 quick kills each before heading to Tilted Towers and Loot Lake, picking up another 16 kills and putting them up 20 to 13.


Round 3, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Avxry/OPscT

KingRichard and Calvin landed Dusty Divot going down early with 0 kills. Avxry and OPscT picked up what they needed to send KingRichard and Calvin to losers round 4.


Losers Round 4, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Myth/Hamlinz

KingRichard and Calvin got off to a slow start, picking up 9 kills after rotating to Retail Row right as Myth was downed. Calvin was able to get one kill before going down himself, KingRichard managed to get 2 more putting the score at 12 kills to 18.


Losers Round 4, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Myth/Hamlinz

Game 2 started at Retail Row as the duo looked to make up their 6 kill deficit from game 1. KingRichard and Calvin took down 6 before leaving Retail and rotating to Dusty Divot where KingRichard was downed. Calvin was able to pick up another 6 before going down himself, Myth and Hamlinz advanced as KingRichard and Calvin were eliminated.