Week 7 of Keemstar’s $20,000 Friday Fortnite saw the duo of KingRichard and aimbotCalvin reunited once again. KingRichard came into the week rank #4 in FaZe Clan’s  Friday Fortnite Power Rankings with an average placement of 5.8 in the 5 weeks he has participated.

Round 1, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Jaomock/Thief

Round 1 started with a high-pressure bus route starting just over Pleasant Park and Tilted Towers, KingRichard and Calvin landed Pleasant as Jaomock and Thief landed Tilted. Both teams got off to a quick start before Jaomock and Thief were downed and Calvin right after. KingRichard managed to get out of Pleasant alive with the score 4 to 4 and then picked up another 5 kills putting himself and Calvin up, 9 to 4.


Round 1, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Jaomock/Thief

Game 2 started with KingRichard and Calvin following Jaomock and Thief to Salty Springs. The squad stuck close together throughout the game with the squad easily cleaning up the lobby, with KingRichard and Calvin managing to pick up 16 kills to Jaomock and Thief’s 16 kills, taking the victory and moving to Winner’s Bracket Round 2.


Round 2, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs DrDisRespect/Krafty

KingRichard and aimbotCalvin started Retail Row, rotated to Dusty Divot picking up 4 kills to DrDisRespect and Krafty’s 2 kills. KingRichard and Calvin managed to stay ahead of DrDisRespect and Krafty, ending the game up 17 kills to 7.


Round 2, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs DrDisRespect/Krafty

Game 2 started at Tilted with DrDisRespect and Krafty playing catch up. KingRichard and Calvin were able to hold on to their lead before the Doc and Krafty went down with 30 left in the lobby. KingRichard and Calvin advanced to Winner’s Bracket Round 3.


Round 3, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs FaZe TFUE/FaZe Cloakzy

Game 1 versus TFUE and Cloakzy, both teams landed Salty Springs and rotated quickly to Retail Row before KingRichard and Calvin were downed. TFUE and Cloakzy managed to pick up 24 kills to KingRichard and Calvin’s 9 going into game 2.


Round 3, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs FaZe TFUE/FaZe Cloakzy

KingRichard and Calvin split with KingRichard landing Pleasant Park and Calvin landing Tilted Towers hoping to make up the difference from game 1. Calvin was downed after picking up 3 in Tilted, KingRichard managed to get 11 kills before being downed himself. The duo fell directly to the Loser’s Bracket Round 4 for the second week in a row.


Losers Round 4, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Ricegum/Tennpo

KingRichard and Calvin landed Pleasant Park before rotating to Shifty Shafts picking up 9 kills to Ricegum and Tennpo’s 11 moving into game 2.


Losers Round 4, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Ricegum/Tennpo

Game 2 KingRichard and Calvin started Loot Lake and then rotated quickly to Pleasant Park before Ricegum and Tennpo were downed. KingRichard and Calvin finished the game with 13 kills to Ricegum and Tennpo’s 7 kills, advancing KingRichard and Calvin to Loser’s Bracket Round 5.


Losers Round 5, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Jaomock/Thief

Loser’s Bracket Round 5 saw KingRichard and Calvin face Jaomock and Thief in a rematch from Round 1. KR and Calvin landed Salty Springs and then rotated to Dusty Divot before Jaomock and Thief were downed. KingRichard managed to put in some amazing plays after Calvin was downed and the duo finished the game up 13 kills with the final score in game 1 sitting at, 16 to 3.


Losers Round 5, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Jaomock/Thief

Game 2 KingRichard and Calvin landed Pleasant Park with Jaomock going down early. Thief tried to make it close but with KR and Calvin’s lead from game 1 they were able to secure the victory and advance to Loser’s Bracket Round 6.


Losers Round 6, Game 1: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Ninja/c9Hysteria

Loser’s Bracket Round 6 saw KingRichard take on his former teammate Ninja. KR and Calvin landed Stadium and then rotated to Pleasant and Tilted, cleaning up the lobby with ease, picking up 14 kills to Ninja and Hysteria’s 15.


Losers Round 6, Game 2: KingRichard/aimbotCalvin vs Ninja/c9Hysteria

Game 2 KingRichard and Calvin landed Tilted Towers with Calvin going down early before KingRichard was downed himself allowing Ninja and Hysteria to secure the win. KingRichard manages to finish Week 7 of Friday Fortnite right at his average placement as KR and Calvin take 5-6th place.