Paladins Premier League is in full swing as we fight for a spot in the LAN event. This past Friday we took on Splyce in a best-of-5. If you missed out on the action, we’ll get you caught up here!

Map 1: Ascension Peak

Splyce was first to touch the objective point. Despite the point being large with ample spots for Splyce to hide, randomnoob landed first blood to help flip the point in our favor. We took the objective, and we began to push the payload. As we pushed, we spread out to maintain protection of our flank as well as pressure Splyce off the payload. Soon, we manged a successful push and it was time for the objective to spawn once again. Splyce managed first point once again, but we flip the point at 27%. We took the point–decisively thanks to rockmonkey and randomboob–as overtime ticked down, ready to push the payload, giving us a 3 – 0 lead. We pushed the payload to the halfway mark, but Splyce pressured us off the point. RuBBu flanked with Fernando for a 3 kill clean up to gain back control of the payload. Although we held the momentum advantage, Splyce dumped their all, using 3 ultimates, into the defense during overtime. With the comeback mechanic in their favor, Splyce gained a 78% lead on the objective. We turned the tides with kills and flip the point. Splyce reached the point for OT, but we held strong and once the final remaining member of Splyce fell, the OT ticked down too quickly for them to touch. We took Ascension Peak, which was Splyce’s map, 4 – 1 to lead the series.

Map 2: Brightmarsh

Splyce gained first blood this time onto RuBBu and pushed into the objective to gain 45% before we flipped it. Though Splyce took control of the point once again, a kill streak from randomnoob helped regain the point for us. We took the first point, and quickly pushed the payload to the halfway point. With a minute left to push the payload, Splyce pushed us back. We gain OT and traded a double kill for one player, swinging the momentum in our favor. Splyce was unable to spawn up in time, and we took the lead 2 – 0. Once more, Splyce touch the objective first, taking 50% before we flipped to equalize the percentage. Splyce was able to enter the point in OT, winning the objective back by pushing our frontliners off the point. Though Splyce reached 99%, we snatched the point back for a 3 – 0 lead. We quickly pushed the payload, knocking on the door of the map win at 1 min 30 seconds. Splyce push us off with ultimates once again, and we pull back to regroup. With one decisive team wipe, we took our map pick of Brightmarsh in a dominant 4 – 0.

Map 3: Frog Isle

This time, we swarm the objective first for first touch to start the map. When we reached 72%, Splyce took over the objective and quickly reach 50%. Though we trade kills with Splyce, RuBBu on Ash win over the point by wiping out Splyce during OT taking the lead for us. randomnoob wasn’t left out in the fight either, engineering a triple kill to help push the payload. We push the payload off our heavy momentum, proving ourselves to be a dominant force. During the fight, we held onto the top three spots of damage dealt throughout the first half of game 3. RuBBu and Tulky pushed Splyce off the next objective for a 3 – 0 lead. Dominantion remained the key in the payload push for us. Streaks were high for our players as we pushed the payload to a 4 – 0 victory.

We ended the series with a 3 – 0 sweep. With this win, we set ourselves in second place in the NA bracket. We currently sit at 4 wins and 2 losses in the standings just above Renegades and just below SK Gaming. Streams can be found on the PPL Facebook Page. For scheduling and more, check out this link! Be sure to tune in Wednesday at 2pm CST / 3pm EST for our match against SK Gaming!

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