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We’re excited to announce the acquisition of top Overwatch lineup Team Hubris. As Activision Blizzard continue to make great strides in supporting their competitive gaming titles, the EnVy Overwatch team is poised to compete at the highest level. Currently, in the game’s Closed Beta Phase 1 stage, EnVy Overwatch holds the Gosu Gamers World #1 ranking  having finished 1st place in 6 of 7 tournaments played during the period.

EnVy Managing Director Mike Rufail had this to say about the new team:

“I’ve personally gotten to know the team over the past month by spending my personal gaming time with them. This team is a unit. They’ve been playing with and against each other for many years and have some of the most experience I’ve seen for a team headed into a completely new game. We think they can uphold the EnVy tradition of being a staple on the podium.”

The team is currently awaiting the re-release of Overwatch Beta play where they will continue to compete in available tournaments. Be sure to give all of our new players a follow on Twitter.

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