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Recent speculation regarding the team's decision to use Colt "Havok" McLendon as a substitute on the Call of Duty World League roster has led us to make the following statement:

The Call of Duty World League official rules allow for a substitute only to be eligible for playoffs if a substitute has competed in a minimum of 6 regular season matches having played the majority of the maps in each of the 6 series. Most teams do not care to have an eligible substitute (or are unaware of the rule) in the current Call of Duty professional landscape. However, Team EnVyUs management has decided to take full advantage of having an eligible substitute for the playoff run. Former Call of Duty World Champion and EnVy starting player Patrick "Aches" Price has willingly sat out of recent matches to accommodate creating an eligible spot for McLendon. 

According to EnVy CoD team manager, Mathew "Tazmo" Taylor, the decision by the team to have Price sit out some of the first matches to create eligibility was based on Price willingly agree to do so and the other 3 members wishing to have Price focus on the team's fundamentals outside of gameplay before the playoffs. Price may still enter the starting lineup in one or more of the team's remaining CWL regular season matches.

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