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EnVy CoD CWL Stage 1 Playoff Match Recap

Posted by TEAM ENVYUS on

The first day of the CWL Stage 1 Playoffs were tough for our EnVy boys. They faced up against Luminosity Gaming yesterday. Missed the action? Let's take a look at how the games went down.

 Map 1: Scorch (Hardpoint)

  • Thanks to a good spawn point and some strong opening kills, John and the rest of the CoD boys won the first hill of the Hardpoint match. Throughout this match, the boys were able to slow, and even hold off, the pushes from LG. Even when LG convincingly took control of the hills, EnVy CoD never wavered, winning the match with 250 - 206.

Map 2: Crusher (Search and Destroy)

  •  Misfortune struck the boys in this match of the series and LG took tied the score at 1-1. The boys were able to get 3 rounds on the board with clutch rounds from Apathy, ending the match at 3-6.

Map 3: Frost (Uplink)

  • First half of this mode ended at 2-4 in favor of LG. Though this game started slow, the boys were able to apply pressure against LG, keeping defense up where they could. SlasheR during this match up was tough for LG to fight as he picked up double kills easily. During the second half, the defense wasn't quite enough. The game ended at 9-3 in favor of LG.

Map 4: Retaliation (Hardpoint)

  • By the 4th hill spawn, our CoD team was up 122 points to LG's 78, but LG wasn't ready to give up the map just yet. LG was able to take the lead during the 7th hill, but SlasheR and JKap were able to push LG away from the Lower Street. Unfortunately, after pulling the last seconds from the Lower Street, LG was able to use the EnVY spawn point to stall out the boys on the last two hills. The map ended at 250-161 with LG coming out on top.

Luminosity Gaming may have taken control of the first match up against the EnVy CoD boys 3-1, but the fight is far from over! Tune in to to watch the Boys in Blue as they face Optic Gaming in the lower bracket today at 2:30pm EST!

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