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EnVy League of Legends Tied for 1st in NA LCS

Posted by TEAM ENVYUS on

Our League of Legends team has been heating up the competition in this year's NA LCS Summer Season. With the first two weeks under our belt, we have secured a 4-way tie for first place along with CLG, Dignitas, and Immortals. Let's take a look at how the matches played out.

Week 1:

  • Pirean's debut started on June 3rd with our game against Dignitas. This was a rocky start for the boys, losing this first match up 2 - 1, but this was the first tournament game the boys played since Pirean's addition to the roster.
  • After finding our footing, we took on Pirean's former teammates, Phoenix 1. With Pirean's strong plays as Taliyah and Ahri and dominant jungle plays from LirA, we were able to cut through Phoenix 1's defenses, landing a 2 - 1 victory.

Week 2: 

  • The momentum from the series against P1 carried over to week two as the boys took on Immortals. Our early games and powerful Baron plays secured us a 2 - 0 sweep.
  • We then took on Team Liquid for the final match of week two. During each of Liquid's pushes, the boys were able to answer back and take a turret and a few kills onto Liquid for themselves. Pirean again controlled the mid lane, helping obtain another 2 - 1 win.

What to Expect in Week 3: Though we had expected to bring in Nisqy for this week's matchups, we are still awaiting his arrival with P1 Visa in-hand. This, along with lack of practice with the team will result in a week three start for Pirean in the mid lane. He has proven to be a dominant force in the split thus far and showed promising synergy with LirA in the jungle. You can catch the action tonight as we face Echo Fox at 9pm EDT on the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

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