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EnVy League of Legends Tied with Dignitas in NA LCS Summer Split

Posted by TEAM ENVYUS on

At the end of week 5, Envy League is neck and neck with Team Dignitas, tying the score with 5 wins and 5 losses. As we anticipate the upcoming weeks, let's take a look at how the previous 3 have unfolded.

Week 3: Luck was not on our side in week 3. Our boys fought hard, but Echo Fox and TSM took both series 2 - 0. Though we lost, we kept our cool going into the next two weeks, taking a couple of matches off some of our opponents.

Week 4: Nisqy makes his debut in our series against CLG and FlyQuest. We held off and even hurt CLG during the early games while managing one game win. They answered back and took the series 2 - 1, but that didn't shake us when we faced FlyQuest on Day 3. FlyQuest took game one but we manage to deny them the series with two straight wins and a 2 - 1 victory in the reverse sweep.

Week 5: Our first series of week 5 ended in a 2 - 1 loss against Phoenix1, but we turned around when we faced off with Dignitas. Though we were down in our first game, we denied them the Baron one last time and won the first game with a massive comeback. Dig fought us off in the second game, but to no avail. We took the final series of the week and defeated Dignitas 2 - 1 to confirm the deadlock for 5th place.

Looking ahead to week 6, we hope to scrim more with Nisqy and Pirean, switching the two midlaners as we see fit. Be sure to support your favorite Boys in Blue as we battle against C9 on July 18th. Catch the action on the LoL Esports YouTube Channel.

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