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Gfinity Elite Series Week One

Posted by TEAM ENVYUS on

Miss out on Team Envy's first week of Gfinity's Elite Series? Don't worry, we've got your back.

Street Fighter V In our premiere into the Street Fighter scene we faced off Excel's lineup with our own Layo, TKR and JoKeRJoKeZ. The matches were played in Bo5 team format. The players played one at at time for 3 rounds with the 4th round allowing the teams to choose who plays in the final matches. Layo's Laura was able to take the first match against Excel's Hurricane 2 - 1. The next match up was TKR vs Infectious. Excel was able to take the round off of us, taking it 1 - 1 for JoKeRJoKeZ match against Excel's Brian. Though JoKeRJoKeZ was able to clutch out the second round against Brian's Rashid, trading blows in the last round played into Brain's favor with Excel holding the lead at 2 - 1. Our final game of the day was against Brian again, but we put Layo up to the challenge. Brian managed to take the final match up agianst Layo 2 - 0. Our matches were close against Excel, but we fell to them 3 - 1.

CS:GO The EnVyUs Academy took on Team Infused, winning the match 2 - 0. Here's how it played out: Team Infused took us to Cobblestone for the first game, and we showed just how dominating we can be. Even though the map was Infused's choice, we were able to push through their defenses easily to take the first half, Terrorist (T) side, 13 - 2. We finished out the Counter-Terrorist (CT) half at 16 - 6 by shutting down nearly every push from Infused and resetting their economy. The spotlight was on hAdji as he was able to end the game with an ace, showing the imperious fashion in which we took the map.

Our map choice was next in the Bo2, and we chose Inferno which played to our favorite style of play: slow and methodical. We started off this game on the CT side. Team Infused seemed to bring some confidence into this game because they managed to take the first 3 rounds before we found our groove. The halftime ended 9 - 6 in our favor. On the T side, we won the pistol round, giving us more of an edge on Team Infused, but they answered the next round taking their 7th point. After pushing heavily in that 2nd round of the half, we slowed the game down, gaining three rounds. Though Infused held us off for two more rounds in the game, we ended the match up with a heavy-handed 16 - 9. Lambert was our spotlight player in the second map, with insane AWP flicks and denial of entrances into sites.

Rocket League We were unable to play this week in the Rocket League match up against Prophecy. Our owner, Mike "Hastr0" Rufial had this to say on the matter Sunday morning: "Unfortunately, we had an eligibility issue with one of our Rocket Players this week and are forced [to forfeit]. We plan to replace this player in future weeks and look forward to competing in the Elite Series Rocket League event." We have decided to put in Oliver "Waffle" Simonsen in to replace Sacred in event.

Be sure to tune into Gfinity's Twitch Channel today for Week 2 of the Elite Series as we face off Team Infused in the SFV event. And don't forget to follow us on Twiiter @TeamEnVyUs for match updates and more.

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