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Team Envy Pull a 3-2 Reverse Sweep on Meta Athena

Posted by TEAM ENVYUS on

The Boys N Blue are back in Korea for the OGN Apex Season 3. This season will test them to see if they have what it takes to get revenge for last season’s loss.

While Lui has been playing on the team for the past few weeks, this Apex Season will be the time for the team to try out Effect in the roster. The tournament will be a chance for them to play together and test each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The Overwatch team felt that they are currently their own toughest opponents. “It is true more than it is cheesy,” Kyle “KyKy” Souder explained in a quick interview.

In this past match against Meta Athena, they proved themselves to be tough contenders. During the first two maps, the team took massive hits and couldn't quite finish off the points before Meta Athena ended their pushes with strong defense. But one strong hold on Volskya Industries began the reverse sweep. Team EnVy, with Effect harassing Meta Athena with constant firepower and Chips on an impressive Sombra, held the point fully from Meta Athena and won their second assault quickly and easily.

On the second Escort map, Dorado, EnVy held off Meta Athena, ending Meta Athena's overtime with a swift team wipe. Sayaplayer, one of Meta Athena's DPS players was unable to choose a character that could combat EnVy's strong defense, especially with Effect's Tracer plays pushing him away from his ideal placement for picks as Widowmaker or McCree. Our boys then switched to offense and quickly dispelled Meta Athena's defense with Effect's flanking Tracer and a solid push to follow up.

Hollywood was equally as impressive from EnVyUs as they ran a single healer with Effect and Harryhook on DPS. The DPS made the difference on this map, even against a triple tank set up from Meta Athena. EnVy was able to fully hold again on the defensive side, and when it became their turn to push the offense, they swiftly wiped Meta Atehna. Effect was able to jump around and on the point nearly undetected and deal out damage as his team made quick work of the kills to secure them their 3-2 win in the team's first match of Apex Season 3.

One thing was for certain as new and old fans watched Team EnVyUs' performance: the boys had great momentum even during the times when they seemed to be falling behind. Looking forward, the team is sure to be full of smiles and confidence after bringing down one of the many tough contenders in Apex Season 3.

A little extra: When asked what made them excited to go to Korea again, they boys had one thing in mind other than the games: Food. Hotel life may not be the best perk, but the team certainly is happy to greet their Korean fans with full stomachs.

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